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Jun 27 2011

The Best American Teen Sitcoms of the 90s

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Does anyone remember Saturday morning’s TNBC back in the day?  It usually started around 9am and featured all those dumb looking, semi low budget shows with awful humor and brutal soundtracks?  In other words, your favorite shows back then?

Yes I’m talking about your Saved by the Bell’s and many others.  But it wasn’t just TNBC that dominated the airwaves.  The 90s brought us some serious cheesiness and lame humor that you just had to be entertained.

Check out some of the best American Teen sitcoms of the 90s…..

California Dreams

The show is about a multi-ethnic group of teens and their band. The show’s plots combined real-life issues with wacky adventures.  It covered a range of topics such as fear, using drugs for a competitive edge, falling for scams, letting greed overtake friendship, accepting a divorced parent dating, forgiving others for past wrongs, and dealing with general teen social problems.  In other words, Saved by the Bell but with a band.

Hang Time

The show was about a boys’ high school basketball team, the Deering Tornadoes, with one of the players being a female at a fictional Indiana high school.  And please let’s not forget that the coach of the team was Reggie Theus, legendary NBA Player.

Saved By The Bell

Do I really need to explain this show?  Clearly it’s number one of this list…..by far.

City Guys

The show was very similar in style to Saved by the Bell, but with an urban setting and more diverse cast. The show was mainly driven by the main characters, Jamal (Wesley Johnathan) and Chris (Scott Whyte) who had to stay on the ball in high school and avoid trouble, while their principal attempted to keep them in line.  I never really got into this show but I’m sure it was fine.

NBA Inside Stuff

A lot of people might not consider this a teen show but do you remember ever seeing Inside Stuff?  It was 100% geared towards a younger audience and it also aired during that Saturday morning time slot.   Who could forget Ahmad Rashad and Summer Sanders?  I used to love her and loved the highlights.

Boy Meets World

God this show was lame but you know what?  It was still awesome.   Little Ben Savage and his group of friends were actually a pretty decent source of entertainment.  And don’t ever count out Topanga.  She was hot!



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  • http://www.enemyofaverage.com CAL

    Ummm…Where is Parker Lewis Cant Lose?

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  • lethaldose

    No Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, that was the best.

  • http://sugarsaltandattention.blogspot.com/ Cait

    Boy Meets World was not lame



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