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Jun 23 2011

Japanese Pop Idol Turns Out to be CGI

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Yes, this sounds like an Onion headline, but I assure you it’s not. Fans of the Japanese pop girl group AKB48 were dismayed to learn that the newest member was in fact, not an actual person. What the hell?

This past Sunday, Ezaki Glico, the candy company which aired the commercial, confirmed what many of AKB 48’s fans had come to suspect: Aimi Eguchi wasn’t real. The new group member, it turns out, was a computer-generated composite of the real band members. Her pretty face was actually made up of the “best features” of six other members: her eyes, nose, mouth, hair/body, face outline and eyebrows were not flesh-and-blood, but cut-and-paste.

Not everyone was so quick to catch on, however, and Aimi had already formed a fan base of her own. “The video shocked fans of Eguchi,” reports ChannelNews Asia, “who were convinced that her features were more the result of good genes than the skillful use of computer graphics.” Watch this video and see if you can tell which ones are human, and which one is Aimi.

You can tell, but barely, as she is a wonderment of computer effects. She literally combines the best features from other band members into one human, and it’s quite unnerving once you know that, as you would think she was real if you didn’t know this story. Truly amazing times we’re living in.


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