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Jun 22 2011

The Seven Best Side Character Students on South Park

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It’s hard to believe that South Park started with that amazing video that went around college campuses back in 1997-98.  I’ll never forget the hilarious Brian Boitano bit and the Jesus/Santa fight.  “There can be only one.”

And now the show is as strong as ever.   I doubt many people who loved it back then still watch for the simple fact that it’s hard to remember the show is still on.  But it’s just as funny and just as crude.   It’s easily one of the best shows on TV.  And it keeps evolving.

It ain’t just the big four that carry the show these days.  It’s all the supporting characters around them.   In particular I’d like to focus on the students that make us laugh.

Here are seven that kick ass…..

By the way here’s the entire list of characters in case you want to look them all up.   And now for the seven…..


Have you ever in the history of television seen a character that says only one word yet you laugh nearly every single time he says it?  Neither have I.

Leopold “Butters” Stoch

I kind of like this description:  is cheerful, naïve, optimistic, and more passive than the show’s other child characters, and can become increasingly anxious, especially when faced with the likelihood of punishment by his parents.  And let’s not forget goes along with nearly everything he’s told which makes him amazing.  Oh and the way he talks rules.

Jimmy Valmer

Let’s just cut the handicapped talk right away so we can just focus on how funny Jimmy is.   I mean the entire show stereotypes and rips on everyone so if you can just take a step back and laugh, it’s allowed.   Jimmy is hilarious, and yes it’s because of the way he talks but also how awesome he is.  “You’re a terrific audience!”

Token Black

As if his name isn’t perfect enough.  You guessed it, he’s the only black kid in South Park yet comes from a wealthy family.   I’d have to say his shining moment came in the iPod centipede episode when he kept laughing at everything Tyler Perry was saying.   Priceless.

Tweak Tweek

Due to his mass consumption of coffee, Tweek Tweak is a boy characterized by his hyperactivity, paranoia and anxiety.   His strained voice is provided by Stone, and he tends to scream, “Oh, Jesus, dude!”, “GAH!”,  and “Too much pressure!”.

Goth Kids

It’s amazing how perfectly Stone and Parker encapsulate everything I loathe about Goth kids.  I can only imagine they feel the exact same hatred that I and many other Americans feel.   The hair flip completely caps it off.

Ike Brovlovski

His voice.   His voice alone make it all the more worthwhile.




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3 responses so far

  • http://xaotikdesigns.com adam

    Strong as ever, except for the last episode, which made it look like they didn’t want to do south park any more

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  • Token Black Kid

    Actually it was the funnybot episode that had Token laughing at everything Tyler Perry said, not the iPod one.



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