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Jun 21 2011

A Collection of Funny Pranks at the Zoo

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I’m a huge fan of animals and at the same time I’m not a big fan of going to the zoo.  Part of it is because I don’t really like to see animals caged up.  The other part is that you tend to see the absolute scum of America at zoos.   You also see crappy people at airports but seriously, next time you go to a zoo take notice.

Anyway, I’ve never seen an awesome prank pulled off at a zoo in person but I can imagine it would be pretty fun to be part of one.

Check out these funny zoo pranks….

NFL Prospects Receive Gorilla Prank

It’s not often that a bunch of tough dudes who are going to be playing in the NFL get scared like little girls.  Pretty awesome.

The Stuffed Gorilla

50 seconds in is pretty funny.   You gotta love those Europeans and their weirdness.

The Gorilla in a Box Prank

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be here?

The Gorilla Escape Prank

I have to admit this would probably scare the shit out of me.

The Worst Costume Lion Ever

Jesus this one is pretty sad.


This is pretty awesome.



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