. Annnd This is Why Some Fireworks are Illegal |

Jun 21 2011

Annnd This is Why Some Fireworks are Illegal

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Alright, confession time. I’m deadly afraid of fireworks. Not only the big kind that you light up and they blow up big in the sky. Or in your face. But rather even little bitty sprinklers always freaked me out as a kid and still do to this day.

This video is certainly not helping my phobia, and in a world where I see 20 viral videos a day, I was actually surprised by what I saw here. Definitely check it out above, and make sure you don’t get the bootleg brand of fireworks next time.

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  • http://xaotikdesigns.com Adam


    I’ve done worse, stop being a wuss and man up. This is America, and we love our illegal fireworks, anything else is unpatriotic.



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