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Jun 20 2011

Eight Not Conventionally Hot Pornstars that I Love

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When you’re a professional lover of all things adult like I am, you tend to evolve over time.   Sure maybe when you were a kid you loved looking at naked pictures of women and said women were attractive.  That’s perfectly normal.

However, as you age you tend to look for more than just a pretty face and nice curves.   And especially when you have that 5 or so minutes of alone time, a simple strip tease isn’t enough anymore.

The older you get, the dirtier your fantasies get as well as your taste going down.  At least that’s how I feel.  Nowadays I don’t care so much for the pretty face as much as I do for the “different” factor which can mean a lot.

So here are eight not conventionally hot pornstars that will explain my point….

Kelly Madison

Many might argue that Madison is super hot.  Granted she has a serious prized possession rack but when you really think about it she kind of has a mannish face.   But I don’t know.  There’s just a “she’d wreck me in a second” look about her that I really enjoy.  It’s almost as if her face alone could get me off.

Devon Michaels

This is where I might get reamed.   Michael’s does NOT have your conventionally good looking face but this woman was a former fitness model and while her entire chest is face I really don’t care.   I think her real flaw is that she doesn’t do anal which is a real problem for me.

Ashley Blue

If there’s one thing that Ashley Blue gets, it’s an A for effort.  I don’t even think I’m allowed to describe some of the things she does on this website but let’s just say when you want to see a woman stretch the limits of sex scenes, Blue is a go to every single time.

Ave Devine

Ava Devine is simply not good looking, period.  But think Ashley Blue with huge bombs and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Devine is filthy.

Jada Fire

Fire is easily my favorite African American adult star.   Reason I like her is that she just seems so friggin’ into it.  There’s something to be said about that.   Plus in her earlier days she did some really degrading stuff…which I love.

Kelly Wells

Honestly I can’t even write anything here because I feel so guilty about even mentioning her.

Luscious Lopez

That nose has got to go but Lopez doesn’t mess around in her scenes.

Lisa Sparkle

Here’s another one with a butter face but Sparkle has one of it not the best body in the biz.

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