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Jun 17 2011

Eight American Events A Guy Needs to Attend at Least Once

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Most men in this world are brought up to be “men.”   While the definition of what it takes to be a man seems to evolve each coming year there are still some characteristics that tend to hold true for dudes.

One should enjoy sports, looking at women, getting drunk, and pretty much being a moron are four that come to mind.   And in order to be more “male” one must attend male events.

Here are eight events I think every American male must do at least once in their lives….

Mardi Gras

I went to college in New Orleans so luckily I got to experience Mardi Gras for four year and very much in depth each year.   Most people think Mardi Gras is about flashing boobs, a crowded French quarter, and parades.  While that’s definitely true, there’s so much more during that time that I think when you’re in college it’s the true flavor of it all.   However, there’s no question that you have to try it at least once.   Don’t forget to bring your beads.

Kentucky Derby

From what I’ve heard from my buddies who go there every year, it’s the closest thing to Mardi Gras.  Yeah there are the classy broads who dress real well in the grand stand.  However, for the most part I’ve heard the Kentucky Derby is one giant shit show of partying.   I find that so weird considering it’s just a horse race but who am I to judge?


It’s official that South by Southwest is becoming one of the biggest music events in the country.   There’s no denying it.  And the bigger something gets?  The more hot chicks that arrive.   So if you like hot chicks wearing very little hippie style, this is a must for you.  Oh yeah, the music is pretty decent too.

Any of the Major Sports Most Major Events

I’m talking about playoffs or finals of any major sport.   So that means a major golf championship, a world series, an NBA finals, a Superbowl, a Stanley Cup, or a Tennis Major finals.     Any of these events is going to set you back quite a few bucks but it’s always nice to say “I was there when Aaron Boone hit that homer against the Sox.”

Any Beer Fest

There are tons beer fests in the United States and it really doesn’t matter which one you attend.  While we unfortunately don’t have Oktoberfest we still do a pretty good job.   I already wrote an article on the subject.   Any of these place will do.

Jazz Fest

Many people argue that Jazz Fest in New Orleans is better than Mardi Gras hence why I put Jazz Fest on here.   I’ve been to both and I have to say they are comparable.   Totally different but I can understand the people in favor of Jazz Fest.   The music is amazing.  New Orleans is buzzing, but it’s definitely more laid back than Mardi Gras.

Any Playboy Mansion Party

This is a given but I still needed to throw it out there.

Monster Truck Rally

Seriously, I don’t care how redneck this is, if you haven’t been to a Monster Truck Rally then you honestly haven’t lived.   These things are incredible.   The people watching alone makes it worth it.

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