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Jun 16 2011

Five Mandatory Driving Laws that Need to Exist

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It’s a war out there on the road.  Save for people who don’t have much better to do and way too much time on their hands, driving is a big challenge.   Finding the best routes, weaving in and out of traffic, knowing the rules, and dealing with other drivers can be a real pain in the ass.

Which is why we don’t need the little things to piss us off.   And there are plenty of little things that piss me off.

Here are five driving rules I think we need immediately….

Yearly Driving Tests for Senior Citizens

I’m sorry but someone has to say it.   Much of the elderly people in this world really shouldn’t be driving.   They drive too slow, take up multiple lanes, and are definitely more harm than good.  I’m not saying this to be mean.  I’m saying it because it’s true.  If we tested once a year after the age of 65 we’d be a much safer driving society.

One and Done Cell Phone Penalties

Just mentioning this makes me angry.  That most states still allow cell phone talking in a car really really pisses me off.  I already think that people who talk on their phones in cars should be shot.   Honestly we need a no tolerance policy on this.  And don’t even get me started on texting while driving.

Bumper Sticker Laws – Just Be Done with Them Please

I think I’ve officially come to the conclusion that I’d never be friends with a person who has a bumper sticker.   Do you really need people to form opinions of you based on a dumb sticker that defaces your car?  Sure there are funny stickers there here and there but pasting something to your car is just dumb.  I’m also not a fan of these new emblems that go on cars that show that parents have kids who play sports or do ballet.   Who cares?  Tell people that but don’t show it on your car.

Vanity Plates – Please Stop

I think as a kid I liked the idea of vanity plates and while you see a few good ones here and there, for the most part they are awful.   It just looks stupid to use a play on words.   Do we really need retarded ways of spelling stuff.   “IMAQTI”  Really?  You’re a cutie?   We need to abolish stuff like this, immediately.

Increase the Speed Limit in New York

Is it me or is the speed limit 65 MPH or more in virtually every single state except New York?  And it’s not even New York.  It’s just Long Island.   The Long Island Expressway has had a 55 MPH speed limit for God knows how long.  As soon as you get upstate it’s 65.   In some states it’s 80.   I don’t know what’s going on here but it’s pretty absurd.




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