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Jun 15 2011

Lip Syncing to Songs Might Land You in Jail

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Copyright law has always been rather stupid, but now it’s just getting out of hand. The latest crackdown comes in the form of a new bill that targets the types of dangerous offenders who lip sync to songs on YouTube.

We’ve all seen cute kids lip-syncing their favorite songs on YouTube. A new bill could make that illegal.

“I don’t think you should go after little 8 year olds that are crying and singing Justin Bieber because it’s their favorite person in the world,” said YouTube Lip-syncer Cubby Squires.

U.S. Senate bill 978 would toughen copyright laws and make it illegal to upload lip-synced videos.

“The way the statute is written… It would now criminalize anybody that performs a copyrighted work, which is essentially nowadays any song under the sun,” said Sidbury.

Got to love the music industry right? Just beat your customers so they hate you even more.


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3 responses so far

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  • RobertM

    Just a reason to finally force people to pay BMI and ASCAP?

  • http://www.overthetoilet.info/ archana

    Some of lip sync videos are my all time favorite and i dont think that it is against copyright law.Another of stupid law that we have to bear.



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