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Jun 14 2011

The Five Ways Retired Mothers Use the Internet

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I love my mom to pieces.  Hell, she’s my mom right?  It’s nice that she wants to stay in touch with me and it’s nice that she thinks she has a fix on reality and the times today.   However when it comes to the internet she’s certainly not as with it as most five year olds.

I mean how can you blame her generation?  You really can’t.  She never grew up with the power of the internet or fancy computers.  So unfortunately no matter what she learns it’s never really going to be at the precision or speed that the younger generations perform at.

However, it is kind of amusing to watch her on the computer.   Here are five ways retired mothers use the internet….

To Bother their children with Forwards

Here’s a quick note to parents.   99.9% of the time you send forwards to your kids they don’t read them.  No, it’s not a factual number but I’m willing to bet I’m close.  Why?  Because in general most people don’t read forwards anymore as most are security threats.  And then there’s the forwards that warn about security threats.   Ah yes, and most of the forwards I receive are from things I’ve already read months ago.  I love the effort but I just don’t read the stuff my mom sends me.

To Take Way too Long to Plan Things

Do you realize it takes about 10 minutes to plan a trip these days?  But since many retired folks out there have loads of time they’ll go on every site and research every nook and cranny before planning a trip.   Funny thing is that you can do this in minutes.  Yet somehow my mom always tells me it took “weeks” to plan a trip.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than an hour planning a trip.  And that includes activities and dinners.

Having Zero Clue how to Use Facebook

I can’t even really explain this one but I just know it’s true.   I even admit this for myself.  The way I use Facebook is 100 times different than say a college kid.   And I actually know what I’m doing.   Older people on Facebook?  It just doesn’t make much sense.

Playing Free Cell or Solitaire

Funny thing is that these games are right on your computer yet I always see my mom on some website playing one of these games.  Do you realize how many games there are online right now?

Let’s Sign up, Save Money, and get 10,000 emails!

This whole coupon era is getting a little out of hand.   Inboxes are filling up by the 1000s and it’s only going to get worse with iPhones, etc etc.   One of the biggest consumers?  Older women.



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