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Jun 13 2011

Five Pretty Awesome Hangover Pranks

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I’m not sure at what point in one’s life you stop producing dumb pranks on your friends and family but I wish it was something that was a bit more consistent.   What I mean by this is the kind of consistency one has in college.

It seemed that every single week I was in college I was either being pranked or was part of the planning of pranking someone else.   It just doesn’t happen as often these days.  Perhaps it’s because not nearly as many people in my life are hungover as often as they used to be.

Check out these five awesome hungover pranks…..

Loser Pranks his Hungover Wife

This is about as white trash as white trash can possibly be.

The Lizard Prank

This chick is kind of famous by now as she’s been featured on MTV.   But what’s up with her boyfriend?  She needs someone a bit better than that.

The Broken Chair Prank

It’s so simple, so dumb, yet so funny.   I can’t help but to laugh every single time I see this.

The Shaving College Prank

Funny because all these guys needed was shaving cream but to go that length to make a contraption is pretty funny.  It’s what college is all about.

The Defamation of Face Prank

A classic.  So mean.

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