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Jun 10 2011

5 Crappy Physical Things That Start To Happen at 30

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I’m sure the men who are 40 and above are reading this and may want to kill me.  However, I think it’s important to note that 30 is truly a pivotal point in one’s life.  It’s when the body starts to establish the effects of age.

Personally I am 32 and started to notice these things in my late 20s.  I suppose once you hit 40 you kind of accept these “truths” about the body and give up.

So here are five things your body starts to do that truly sucks after 30 years of age…..

Strange Pains for no Reason

I never used to get weird soreness in my arm.  I never used to have my neck all of a sudden get tight.  And what the hell is up with my back now?  One weird night of sleep and I’m done for 2 days?  These little things can really get to you but it’s all part of getting older.

Hair in Unexpected Places

I never thought my back would start looking like a forest.   I mean it’s not there yet but I know it’s on its way.   My ears?  Nose?  Really?  What the hell is all this hair I didn’t know about.   Not to mention the grays and whites are starting to kick in.

What the hell are these marks?

Yeah, marks.  Some call them beauty marks.  Some call them moles.  I call them “getting older.”   The body just starts getting marks out of nowhere as soon as you get a bit older.   Not cool.  Plus you have to get them all checked out in case.

Injuries that wouldn’t have happened at a younger age

I was out of commission for a month because of an injury in my biceps that was never truly diagnosed.   I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and I have no idea how I got it.  I’m not even a terribly active person and I have all these injuries that take months to heal.  And now I have to stretch before I work out?  Ugh.  Unacceptable.

Recovery time is horrible

If I drink and get drunk on a Friday I’m usually not even remotely normal again until the following Tuesday.   This is probably the all time biggest shit thing about aging.



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