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Jun 06 2011

Please Don’t Let This Be a New Thing

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I know black people love doing cool things with their hair, and that’s awesome, but I have to draw the line somewhere, and that line is at “zipper heads.”

I’m pretty sure that’s a racial slur for Vietnamese, but in this case we’re applying it literally. I never understood that slur anyways.

It’s sort of cool, but mostly creepy, and in the case of the guy with money coming out of his skull, absolutely stupid. Just don’t let this catch on people.

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  • http://xaotikdesigns.com adam

    As I understand, the slur comes from the military personal who were fighting in the war. They came up with it because when they shot them in the head, it was almost as if their heads just unzipped.

  • http://www.probablynotagoodsign.com ProbablyNotAGoodSign

    As much trouble as I have with zippers on clothing, I think if I got one styled into my do, the results would be disastrous.

  • Witt Sullivan

    The term “zipperhead” also comes from the IT community referring to IBM employees because they were close minded to new technologies.

  • http://www.tabloidbintang.com purocn

    As much trouble as I have with zippers on clothing

  • http://asseenontv-blog.com As Seen On TV Blog

    The girl’s style is really cute! It might be nice to do now and again but otherwise not something that I could see someone doing all the time.

  • Matt

    The term zipper head comes from the military. When a tank would run someone over, there face would have the tread marks left on it and it would look like a zippers tracks, hence zipper head.

  • Chuck

    I was under the impression that “zipper head” stemmed from a reference to the Japanese-based YKK zipper company that held the marketshare in zippers. Not sure where I heard this or whether or not it holds truth. Anybody else hear this?

  • http://adamdilbeck.tumblr.com DBek

    I find it funny that everyone’s contributing to the discussion of where “zipper-head” came from, and not wtf they think about zipper hair.

    I think it’s cool. I also think it scares me. So do robots, and this is close.

  • Loki

    What US soldiers called a NVC soldier due to the zipper on the bodybag that closed by zipping over the head. It’s a reference to putting somebody in a bodybag.

  • http://www.webdesign-chicago.us John williams

    It doesn’t look cool, and very bad thing to expose the ideas like this…



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