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Jun 06 2011

Playing Someone A Tad Too Young Are We?

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I was watching the movie Swingers the other day and couldn’t help love that scene when Vince Vaughn is describing an audition he has for a part that he felt he nailed.   At the time Vaughn was in his 20s and the role he auditioned for was for an eleven-year-old.  It was a hilarious scene but even more weird is the fact that this goes on in Hollywood all the time.

I mean look at guys like Tom Cruise who are forever young.  I mean he’s still playing roles of guys that should be in their 20s.  Anyway, I felt it would be fun to mention five actors who played parts that were way too young for their ages…..

Barbra Streisand – Yentl

She was 41 years old at the time and played a 17-year-old.  In a similar light Whoopi Goldberg was 29 when she played Celie in The Color Purple.  Celie was only 14.   But Streisand, really?  Funny because people didn’t really make too big a deal out of it.  I guess when you look back on it now it’s pretty ridiculous.

Stockard Channing – Grease

She was 33 at the time and played a 17-year-old.  I’m sorry but how in the hell can this pass for a high school girl?  To Channing’s defense the youngest person in the cast to play a high school was 27 so I guess it was OK.  This is kind of like Beverly Hills 90210 before the show even began.

Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

She was 32 years old when she played 18-year-old Holly Golightly in the famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Of all the people on this list Hepburn looked the youngest.   As I mentioned Tom Cruise before, I feel like Hepburn could have played a teen into her 40′s.  And easily a person in her 20s into her 50s.  Some people just have that face.

Leslie Howard – Romeo and Juliet

Guy was 43 when he played a 15-year-old Romeo.  This one is a little bit over the top wouldn’t you say?   Hell this guy could have been the father to Romeo let alone playing him.  Howard also played a 28-year-old when he was 46.

John Mills – Great Expectations

He was 38 when he played Pip who was a 20-year-old.  This guy just does not look 20.  I’m sorry.


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