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Jun 03 2011

Crazy Footage of Seven Horrible Types of Disasters

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I don’t want to get all down about things and all but man the U.S. has really taken a weird turn with the weather this season wouldn’t you say?  It was unseasonably cold in the Northeast for a while, crazy tornadoes hitting the midwest and southern regions and I feel like at any time we could have an earthquake.

Couple that with international weather like Japan and it’s been a pretty bad year for the world weather wise.   So I decided that in the wake of all this mess to share some footage with you that is pretty nuts.

One clip representing seven different types of disasters……


Of all the natural disasters a Tsunami looks the least “energetic” yet the damage is probably the worst.

Tornado Destroys a House

This is pretty insane.  What’s more insane is that it was recorded.   I still can’t get over the fact that this stuff really happens and it’s not just movies.

Animal Attacks

Here are 10 different animal attacks caught on tape.  Do NOT mess with nature.

Hurricane Gustav Footage

Any hurricane footage will do.  These things are scary.

Japan Earthquake Footage

Again, I can’t believe this is real footage and not a movie.

Crazy Typhoon in Guam 1991

Dude what are you doing out there?

Plane Crash

This is just scary, period.




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