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Jun 02 2011

The Six Best Drinks to Get in New Orleans

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A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to go on a trip to New Orleans, the city I spent four years in during my college tenure.   It was cool to go back as an adult, stay in a nice hotel (the Ritz, and the Lakers were there for the playoffs – yes I saw most of them), and experience the city in a more appreciative way than as a horny, drunk college kid who doesn’t care about culture.

But despite the whole “I love this city” thing there are obviously some basics that I covered.  Clearly alcoholic beverages was one of them.   I decided to list six drinks that I think everyone needs to have at least once if they make the trip to the Big Easy.

And here they are……

The AntiFreeze

If you look up an antifreeze drink anywhere online you’ll see what appears to be something that turns out to be green.  This is not the case in New Orleans.  In New Orleans it’s an orange drink that tastes like orange sherbert.  The kicker is that there’s 190 proof alcohol in there and one of these will put you through the floor.


The Hurricane is probably the most famous drink in all of the city.  It’s a combination of alcohols and Pat O’Brian’s famous Hurricane mix.   Whatever the hell is in that.   Basically it tastes like a fruity drink and it gets you smashed.   Nice thing is you can return the glass for cash.  But you kind of have to have a Hurricane when you’re in New Orleans.

Hand Grenade

Probably the second most famous drink in New Orleans is the Hand Grenade.  Originated at Tropical Isle bar, this thing tastes exactly like an Echto Cooler Hi-C drink and will put you on your ass.  Even the bar itself says not to drink more than 4 in an entire night.


Most people go for the Hurricane at Pat O’Brian’s but the real best drink there is the Rainstorm.   It kind of tastes like a hand grenade only better and more tropical.  Plus they serve it in a pretty cool glass.

Bloody Mary

You might wonder why I’m putting a Bloody Mary in here.  It’s because for some reason New Orleans makes the best bloody mary’s in the world.  Don’t ask me why.   In particular go to Igor’s or have one at a Saints game and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Abita Purple Haze

Abita is a local beer in New Orleans and kicks ass.   Their “Amber” drink is a beer that is 8% alcohol so that’s worth a try.  However their best is a Purple Haze.   It’s hard to describe but it’s got a lavender taste if that makes any sense.

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  • Debt

    +1 on the Purple Haze. I tell everyone it tastes like the color purple, and get some weird looks.



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