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May 31 2011

Ladies Having Fun in the Bathroom

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I am the last person out there to have a pee fetish but for some reason I have a feeling plenty of you are going to love this post.   If there’s one thing I do appreciate about some females is that there’s a small group of them who have the moxy to get out there and do what they want….especially when drinking.

So when it comes time to go and that ladies bathroom is at full capacity, why not check out the men’s room?  Nothing wrong with that right?

Apparently not, check out these pics…..

Now this chick has got some balls.

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2 responses so far

  • mr fantastic

    All I can say is, there’s no way I would ever stick my ass back into a urinal. I’d be hesitant to touch my chick’s butt until after she washed with Brillo pads and Clorox. Blech!

  • Glorox

    These pictures pissed me off. If you’ve ever been in a women’s restroom, you know they have some vile, disgusting habits and I don’t want them bringing that shit over to the men’s restroom.



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