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May 30 2011

Five “If I could do it Again” Scenarios I’d Like Back

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I’m in my 30s right now and I’m sure that when you’re in your 40s and 50s the same thoughts occur but somehow I feel like because I’m closer to these years than I will be in decades to come it still hurts a bit.   Plus I don’t have kids so what the hell else am I to think about all day?

We all have regrets.   We all wish we could have done things differently.   And we all say “man if only I had my brain now only back then.”   If I could go back in time, here are five types of things I’d love to do again if I could…..

High School Sports

I played hoops in high school and in retrospect I loved playing basketball.  However, if there’s one sport I should have played it’s lacrosse.  I don’t even like lacrosse but I was made for the sport and it would have helped in college.   Plus I should have never quit tennis…..ever.   Point is this.  In high school you don’t consciously think of sports that can get you pretty far in life and take full advantage of them.   I should have done this and didn’t.  I got stuck with a crappy basketball coach and a mediocre team.

Interaction with Teachers

Think about all the stuff you would have said to teachers back in the day if you could do it all again?  Teacher are no better than you are.   They are probably no smarter either.  In fact most of them follow a book to teach the class.   I’d have been way more confrontational if I had known all the facts.   Oh well.

My Entire College Sex Life

I’m pretty sure that every single male has this regret.  I should have had sex with way more females back then.  From times I said no to times when I was just being one of the guys and “not acting like a puss” I was a moron.   The window of sexual activity is way to small.   It’s pretty much college and a few years after and you’re done….unless you’re one of those single guys or a rock star/athlete.   Oh well again.

Not Going To Events For Dumb Reasons

Think about how many times you didn’t do things in your life because you were hungover or because you were a teen who had a snotty attitude?  I can’t even begin to tell you how many concerts I missed and chances to go to the beach, ocean, trips, whatever.   Basically I think I missed out on a lot of life.

“Stuck it Out” with Hobbies

I think there are tons of ideas, actions, scenarios we all get into where we’ve quite for no apparent reason.   We just stop things.   I for one stopped playing piano because I was a little pill.   I also stopped tennis as stated before.   Imagine having stuck just one of these things out.   You never know what kind of career you could have had.


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