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May 26 2011

Five Pornstars That Eventually Turned to Christ

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Remember the story of Tericka Dye last month?  You know, the teacher who’s students found out she was doing a little of the old in out in out in skin flicks prior to her teaching gig?   Well it seems that this whole former stripper turned teacher thing is becoming a little too common these days.

However, the most common thing pornstars turn to when they want to quit the biz is religion.  Why?  Because they’re so hopped up on crack and sordid lives that there’s really nowhere else to turn.

I mean don’t become a religious freak.  Just quit porn.  As it stands, here are five pornstars who let Christ into their lives….

I’m sorry but it’s just really hard for me to watch these videos and take these women seriously after having seen them in porn.   But I guess their in good places now?  Eh.

Michelle Avanti

OK this chick was unbelievably hot back in the day.   Now, you have to think that whatever dude lands this chick is gonna be like “yeah you might not be all pornstar now but can you please give me the old stuff tonight?”

Shelley Lubben

In the porn industry Lubben used the stage name “Roxy” and was highly active in the industry, however after quitting porn she became a born again Christian dedicated to helping porn actors and actresses out of the industry

Melissa Scott – AKA Barbie Bridges

She leads a televangelical ministry in California she inherited from her husband, who died in 2005.   God the way she talks is just too much.

Danielle Williams

I like her story actually.   Most of the guys she slept with came FROM church and yet she turned to Christianity?  Hmmm.

Crissy Moran

Here’s another one that was a smoking hot chick when she was in porn.  It’s a shame.  A damned shame.   She got offended?  Come on Crissy!  Apparently she’s sworn off sex until marriage.  Ummm.  Her website is still up and running.


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