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May 25 2011

Seven of the Most Notable Celebrity Meltdowns

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As my guys at Guyism best said it…..”Who doesn’t want fame and fortune? Even if you don’t want one, you definitely want the other. But once you get to that point and beyond, just how much is too much? At what point does the nonstop attention and ridiculous bank account cause you to start to lose your mind a bit?”

Well clearly it has caused plenty of people to be off center at one point in their lives.  In fact so much so that they got caught in the act.

Check out these seven notable celebrity meltdowns…..

Christian Bale Meltdown on Set

Probably the most famous rant by an actor on set in the history of Hollywood.

Chris Brown – Big Surprise

If you don’t think Chris Brown is a piece of shit then you’re probably a piece of shit.

Michael Richards Racist Rant

This is one for the ages.  Kramer!

David Hasselhoff Eats Fast Food

Do you realize how many variations of this video we’ve seen over time?

WTF is up with Randy Quaid?

This video is just a small sample of the insanity that was going on in Randy Quaid’s life at the time.

The Britney Spears Drunk Video

If there’s one way to describe Britney Spears during her worst years, this video about sums it up.

The Mel Gibson Rant

This is just one of many horrible rants.  Gibson is still messed up he just chooses to be quite right now.

Just Pick Anything with Charlie Sheen

Winning my ass.

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