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May 24 2011

5 Fantasy Baseball Habits You Don’t Want to Have

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We’re a couple months into baseball season and by no means are we anywhere near determining what fantasy teams are going to win and what fantasy teams are doomed for failure.   Anything can happen from now until October.

We do however have a decent sample size.   At this point in the year I think it’s a good time to make people aware of some stuff I’ve seen in fantasy baseball managers.

More importantly some things to avoid…..

Staring at Stats Obsessively

Have you been there?   About how many times can you hit the refresh button before your considered a psycho?  What’s even worse is when you get some sort of stat tracker.   And if you have the MLB network then God help you and your productivity as a human being.   Stats won’t check whether you check them once a day or 1000 times a day.   I’ve been caught looking at the same screen for over an hour only to find my team didn’t move a point in either direction.  It’s pointless.

Watching your Pitchers on TV

I’m only saying this because I know people with bad tempers (including myself).   There’s something way worse about watching one of your starters get lit up in person than there is when you find out about it the next day.   I’ve smashed holes in my walls before when a 5 or more run inning occurs.  It’s just not worth it.

Waiver Wire Madness

Picking up guys and dropping guys in the hopes that one dude will make your year is a waste of time.  Granted the waiver wire can definitely help your team but spending way too much time on it just doesn’t do your psyche any good.  Every season I lead the league in waiver pick ups and I’ve never won a title.  Good drafting and better trading wins.  That and a little bit of luck.

It’s About Numbers, Not Players

The one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that fantasy managers get way attached to big names.   A guy has one good season and for the next three he sucks yet people still get attached.   Good examples?  Rickie Weeks or Grady Sizemore.  Granted they may bust out again but odds say they won’t or they’ll get injured before they do.   Remember, it’s about the numbers, not the player.   Colby Rasmus might do just as well as Jason Heyward when all is said and done yet Heyward was drafted many rounds higher.  Why?  Because of his name and potential.

Taking it All Too Seriously

If you haven’t paid more than $1000 entry fee then you shouldn’t even be reading this article.  You should be enjoying your life and not worrying about your fantasy team.

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