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May 23 2011

Six Unbelievably Creepy Kids Shows

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The funny thing about kids shows is that the intention of “good” is generally always there.  It’s just that some people have extremely weird ways of showing it.  Hell,  I didn’t have a clue that kids would be obsessed with teletubbies.   Personally those things freak me out but it’s just a testament to the fact that we just can’t possibly measure this stuff.

But if there’s one thing I know.  It’s that certain shows catering to children just cannot have worked.  I mean I refuse to believe it.  And if they did work, I’m sure it was toward helping children become murderers.

Check out these insane kids shows……

Peppermint Park

We all know and love Jim Henson and as kids we loved puppets.  There was just something awesome about puppets as kids.   I don’t know why kids love puppets but they just do.  However if there’s a puppet show kids shouldn’t like it had to be Peppermint Park.  These might be the scariest puppets in the universe.   Trust me.  This shit is scary.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane

I have to take a quote from Top Tenz on this one.  It just resonated to me.  “Something about putting oddly shaped, realistic faces on airplanes and helicopters is very unsettling, especially considering that, in the show, these creatures are completely sentient with minds of their own.”  You had me at faces and minds of their own.  On planes?  No thanks.


Pipkins was a British TV show in the 70s and when I watch this clip over and over it scares me more and more.  Now that I think about it, I have this scary feeling that the Saw movies were somehow based on this.     I mean could these things look any more creepy man?  No.

Jigsaw (Noseybonk)

Wait a minute!  Did I mention that Pipkins was the inspiration behind the Saw movies?  What better than yet another British cartoon that has the word “Jigsaw” in it!  Jesus this looks like the kind of stuff you’d have in the movie “A Clockwork Orange.”   Definitely not the kind of stuff you’d be showing your grand kids.

EI EI Yoga

Thankfully this one only exists on VHS tapes.  The program was about Yogi Oki Doki and his Rastafarian rooster pal teaching children how to do yoga because everyone knows how much Rasta roosters love to do Yoga.   Anyway, this thing crosses so many lines I can’t even begin to discuss.   It’s way to perverted.

Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson

If that title doesn’t strike you then I don’t know what does.

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