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May 19 2011

The Six Best Things About Manhattan

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Yesterday I was a bit pissed off because earlier in the week I had a traffic filled ride into the city so I decided to write about what I hate in NYC.  And rightfully so, there’s plenty to be annoyed about.   However, just because I wrote that article doesn’t mean I don’t like Manhattan.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact I enjoyed my stay in the Big Apple.  In particular I wanted to share some of the things I found to be most special while living there.

Here are the six best things about Manhattan…..

The Volume of Restaurants

I’ve never been to a place other than New York City where you pretty much don’t need to make a reservation anywhere.   Out here on Long Island I tried doing the restaurant hopping thing only to find 3 hrs later I didn’t have a prayer at eating.  If you don’t like the wait in NYC?  Chances are there’s a restaurant within 30 seconds of where you are.  It’s truly incredible how many places there are to eat in the city.  Oh and let’s not forget that some of the best restaurants in the world are located in Manhattan.

You Don’t need Plans

In most places in the world there aren’t too many things to do.   Think about it.   Most towns have their special things but it’s not like on any given day you have over 100 options.   And those options basically re-up every single day in New York City.   All you need to do is read a flier or check out Time Out New York and there’s always something to do.  Best part is, you never really have to plan in advance to find something to do in Manhattan.  There’s ALWAYS something to do.

The Convenience of it All

Only having lived in the city do you realize how convenient it is once you aren’t there anymore.   My dry cleaning was in my building.   The supermarket was a 5 second walk.  My favorite pizza place was across the street from my building.  My gym was a 2 minute walk.   Shall I go on?  Trust me, you don’t realize how convenient this stuff is.   Everything seems to be less than 30 minutes away.  It’s pretty amazing.

Different Worlds in one place

What other city in the world has multiple cultures and “worlds” like New York?  I mean within a 10 square mile radius you’ll find representatives from at least 20 countries and neighborhoods representing different cultures.   You can literally go 2 miles and find yourself in 2 completely different worlds.   Some parts of NYC look like Europe and some look like Las Vegas.   It’s pretty crazy.   It’s also pretty awesome.

Transportation System

Granted I can’t stand riding in the subway or in a cab or on a bus, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate these modes of transportation.   You really don’t have much of an excuse in not getting around in Manhattan.  To this day I still think the subway system is a miracle of U.S. transportation.

How Late Everything is Open

Where the hell else can you get a deli sandwich at 2 am?  People take this for granted.  Most cities shut down at 1am.  Not New York.  Bars are open until 4 and beyond and there are tons of diners open 24 hrs.  It’s awesome.


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