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May 18 2011

Seven Things That Truly Suck About Manhattan

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How do I say this without coming off like a snob?  Because I lived in Manhattan for seven years I feel I have the right to bitch about some things.   Granted if someone from Europe visited NYC for five days they’d probably tell you how awesome a time they had.

But like anyone else who vacations, these people don’t live and breathe it every single day.  I did, and while Manhattan is a wonderful place there are definitely some things that truly suck about that city.

Here are seven that bothered me…..


It’s kind of a double edged sword here.  On the one hand I can’t stand taking the train into the city.  It’s just annoying as all hell to have to pull into Penn Station and be around that many people.   Everything takes longer.   On the other hand, while I like driving into the city, I hate driving IN the city.  There’s always traffic and it’s a royal pain in the ass weaving in and out of those lanes (if you can call them that) with cabs.  There is no regard for anything on a Manhattan street.

Way Too Many People

Some people enjoy the fact that Manhattan is filled with so many people.  I can’t stand it.   I realized this once I moved out of the city.   I just don’t like dealing with that many people in that small a space.   After all, there are more crappy people out there than good people.


I know Chicago is the windy city but try walking around Manhattan all day.  It’s no picnic.  Trust me, you get some pretty big gusts from time to time.  Winter absolutely sucks in New York City.


It’s as if every single person in the city knows exactly when a spot will open up and exactly when one will close.   Trust me, driving up nearly every block and seeing cars upon cars can become extremely irritating.  It’s like “oh there’s a spot!” and you see a friggin’ fire hydrant.

Public Transportation

This is another one of those chicken and egg things.   While the subway system is something I consider to be a miracle that doesn’t make it fun to ride the subway.   The people suck, it’s always crowded, and 1 out of 5 times you’re waiting for an abnormally long amount of time.  And buses aren’t exactly fun either, especially when you have to sit next to a smelly person.

Penn Station

Can you guys please just have the trains waiting on the track before you announce what track you’re on?  Jesus guys.   Penn Station is one of the worst places in the entire world.

Port Authority

What an absolute shit hole this place is.

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  • John

    When you move to the largest city in the US you have to expect traffic and a lot of people.

    Manhattan isn’t a driving city for exactly the reasons you have given but that is one of the reasons I loved living in Manhattan. No car. No car repairs. No insurance. No driving. No trying to find a parking spot.

    I didn’t care for the subway much and only took it when I was trying to make it somewhere on time but it never looked like the picture in the post. True it can be smelly sometimes and the people on it can be eccentric but you have to take the good with the bad.

    The wind does suck sometimes. There was a January day that I was walking in Hell’s Kitchen and I was wishing I had taken a cab. Between the wind, the slush and trying to dodge cabs it was a pain in the ass but it didn’t change my mind about Manhattan.

    The times I hated the people were when I had to cross Times Square and it would be crowded with gawkers and I did become the “Get out of my f’n way. I live here” person. But screw ‘em, they will never see me again.

    Yeah there are some crappy people in Manhattan but I also met some really great people there too and almost every day I miss being there for a lot of reasons. It’s still the best city I have lived in and I have lived in most of the big US cities.

    BTW – Cool site. It is a daily read for me.

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