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May 17 2011

The Five Girls You Always Regret You Didn’t Get With

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All of us guys have regrets.  Some regret not studying hard enough in school.  Some regret not having pursued a career more or practiced more at a sport.   My regrets?  Mine come in the forms of beautiful bodies and faces.  That’s right, women regrets.

I’m happily married now and would never ever even think of straying from my wife but even I can admit that I should have done a hell of a lot more damage when I had the chance.   All men feel this way and I’m not going to apologize for it.

Anyway, here are five types of girls all guys let get away…..

Sluttiest Girl in High School

It’s funny because now she has 2 kids and doesn’t quite look the way she used to (I mean she’s a mom now so you know) but I’ll never regret the time I actually backed out of going to my senior prom with a girl who was quite slutty at the time.   Oh I forgot to mention she was super cute.   Why I did that is still beyond my comprehension and I will regret it for the rest of my life.

Girlfriend of an Enemy

There is no time in your life where cheating is “legal” but if there’s a time where it’s awfully close it’s high school and college.   And what’s the best way to get under the skin of a mortal enemy?  Bang his girlfriend.  I actually had the chance to do this once and I didn’t because I’m a complete moron.

The “Close Friend”

I’ll never forget in the few years right after high school ended I wound up becoming close friends with the girl most considered to be the hottest girl in my grade.   We became so close in fact that one night we ended up drinking a bit too much and kissed.   KISSED.  That’s it.  What am I insane?  Now that I look back I’m quite certain I chickened out and took the whole thing way too seriously.  If I could have it all back I’d have put in all the effort that night.   After that night we pretty much never spoke again.  Figures.   Michele, if you’re out there, we should have had sex at least once.

The After the Fact College or High School Girl

Many females decline in their physical appearance after either high school or college.   To this I say who the hell cares?  If you have the opportunity to bag what was once considered a piece of ace back in the day, then take it, no matter what she looks like now.

The One You Turned Down

While college was clearly the best time of my life, it was also the dumbest.   How many times did I turn down sex from girls that then I didn’t consider all that attractive that today I’d be more than willing to enjoy my time with?  We all did it and we’re all morons.



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