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May 17 2011

Poll Finds Bikini Cutoff Age is 47

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A new survey commissioned by Diet Chef asked people at what age women should stop wearing certain pieces of clothing, bikinis among them. The answers might surprise you, and certainly will surprise Ms. Helen Mirren up here.

How old is too old? A new survey is answering that question when it comes to women wearing bikinis, miniskirts and stilettos.

The study, commissioned by Diet Chef, surveyed 2,000 women who said that women shouldn’t wear bikinis after the age of 47.

The cut-off for miniskirts was 35 years old and for stilettos was 51 years old.

Here are some other results:

Knee-high boots: 47 Leggings: 45 Tight vest: 44 See-through blouse: 40 Long hair: 53 Ponytail: 51

Seriously? Old women have to stop wearing long hair and ponytails at like 50? That’s no fun. And tight vest? What does that even look like? Strange survey.


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