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May 16 2011

Seven 80s TV Characters I’d Definitely Hang Out With

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About a month ago I read a cool article the centered on cool 80s film characters to hang out with.  The article touched on seven guys that I have to admit were excellent choices.  You know, dudes like Ferris Bueller and guys you know you could either have a great adventure with or ones that could hook you up with girls.

But how about television?  Just as in movies there are plenty of TV characters that are worthy of company.   Here are seven that I would choose to hang out with…..

Magnum P.I.

Let’s face it if there’s one dude you want to chill with back in the 80s it’s definitely a badass detective who drives a Ferrari, has a mustache and wears a Detroit Tigers hat all the time.  Oh and P.S. if there’s someone whose scraps you’d want it’s definitely the P.I.   I mean even the nasty girls that would be around him are hot in that 80s kind of a way.

Skippy – Family Ties

You might be wondering why I put Skippy on this list.  Afterall he’s a total loser.   But I digress.   There’s a reason you’d want to hang out with Skippy.  It’s because of any 80s sitcom character in history, Skippy would by far make you feel the most better about yourself than anyone.   He’s that much of a tool.

James Crockett – Miami Vice

It’s kind of a toss up between the awesomeness of Don Johnson and Tom Selleck.  I think I might take Magnum P.I. but Crockett is not far behind.  The kicker would be if you could have the soundtrack to Miami Vice playing 24/7 as you were actually chilling with the guy.

Remington Steele

A very overlooked character from 80s TV is Remington Steele played by Pierce Brosnan.  Think James Bond before James Bond.  And very hairy.   These guys were the bomb back then.

Alex P. Keaton – Family Ties

Head of the Young Republicans?  Around 5’0 tall?  Come on.  What’s not to love here?  Plus he’s smart as a whip.

Heathcliff Huxtable – Cosby Show

I’m pretty sure anyone who can get away with those sweaters has an amazing drug stash.   Plus anyone who could put up with that family while delivering babies all day long deserves some serious praise.  The stories alone would keep you occupied for hours.

Tony Micelli – Whose the Boss

What’s better than an ex baseball player who is now a maid? Come on!  Seriously though, he was a badass.

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