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May 16 2011

Naked Burglar Pretends to Be Asleep

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If you’re robbing a house and someone catches you, what’s the best course of action? Why to get naked and pretend to be asleep of course. At least that’s what this one guy thought.

Police responded to the area and checked the woman’s home. That’s when another resident approached officers to report trouble.

Police checked the other home and found an open garage. Inside there was another door leading into a foyer area and then another open door. Police found the occupants in the home and got them out before they searched the rest of the home, where they said the eventually found the intruder. “Searching officers located a white male, naked in a bedroom, hiding under the covers pretending to be asleep,” the news release states.

Police arrested the man. He is identified as David Darr, a 20-year-old York resident who is a student at Penn State.

How’d he get that mark on his head? Hopefully it taught him to stop being a complete moron.


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