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May 13 2011

Eight Fictional Movie Heroes That Appropriately Died

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Too often in movies the heroes tend to live when they really shouldn’t.   Whether it’s avoiding 100 bullets or managing to be “that close” to getting hit by a car, a boulder, or just about anything that could kill you, Hollywood has been and will always be a fan of the happy ending.

However, some movies get it right.  And some movies portray death in a way that is noble and what I would call appropriate.   Realistically these characters should die and that the director allows it to happen makes me happy.

Here are eight fictional movie heroes that died appropriately….SPOILERS ahead so be careful

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I love movies that portray criminals as heroes and that’s exactly what this movie does.  You have to love and root for Redford and Newman in this film.  How can you not?  They’re too funny and lovable.   But the fact is, they’re bank robbers.   And that their robbing and stealing finally gets the best of them at the end of the movie is what makes their demise so awesome.

Tristan in Legends of the Fall

Brad Pitt plays the long haired hunk Tristan in this tale.  Tristan is somewhat of an Indian character, has no fear, and lives life by the moment.  He is a hero because of his efforts in the war and his ability to confront anything.   However, his hero eventually gets the best of him as he dies at the hands of a bear he had been trying to fight for most of his life.  I almost went with Pitt’s character in A River Runs Through It but I’d hardly call that character a hero.

Thelma and Louise in Thelma and Louise

Here’s another example of criminals being portrayed as heroes.   No one will ever forget that glorious jump off the cliff.   While the movie screams womanhood way too much for my taste, you have to admit the ending is pretty badass.

Maximus in Gladiator

It’s one bad thing after another for poor Maximus.  From general to slave to gladiator, the dude just can’t catch a break.   While it would have been cool for Maximus to have survived and ruled Rome, it’s much better that he died bravely and joined his wife and son in heaven.

Robert Neville in I Am Legend

What better way to go than saving the world and warding off mutant humans?

Randy The Ram in The Wrestler

OK anyone here who doesn’t think he dies at the end is completely wrong.   The only conflict here is whether or not you consider this character to be a hero.   Part of me thinks yes because he’s endured so much pain but continues to press on.  Part of me thinks no because he’s a lousy dad and leads a horrible life.  Still though, his death is pretty cool.

The Terminator in T2

Thumbs up baby.  Thumbs up.  That was a fantastic ending.

Tony Montana in Scarface

Finally we see Tony Montana.   While his character certainly isn’t a hero by traditional standards he is in the sense that he lived his life how he wanted to and no one has that much balls.   There was no other way for him to die than being shot 6000 times…which is basically how many bullets it took to kill him.




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