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May 11 2011

Hot Girls Making Funny Faces

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I guess you could call it cute if it’s done on purpose.  If it’s done while completely drunk I might call it sloppy and unattractive.   So I guess it depends.  When your lady decides to be silly, make sure it’s in a good context because in one instance you might be attracted and in the other you’d be turned off.

But hot girls are humans to.  They have the same desires to be silly.  It’s just that most times they don’t necessarily want it to be caught on camera.   Luckily for us we’ve got some evidence.

Hot girls making funny faces after the jump…..


Sometimes it’s annoying because I’m not 100% sure this girl is hot.  But she has to be right?

Thanks to Acidcow for these pics

More funny faces below

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    Lol. It is almost sexier to see their faces like that.

  • http://www.bestsnowboardtips.com/ Best Snowboard Tips

    I agree with that they’re faces look better like that.



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