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May 11 2011

Six “It’s Was 100% OK To Cry” Moments for Athletes

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We’ve all seen athletes cry before.   Hell many of us have cried as athletes.  It’s easy to get emotional out there as tensions run high and sometimes there’s a lot on the line.

But there’s also those times you can’t help but to laugh at some athletes who cry when you kind of realize they shouldn’t have.   The videos I’m sharing here are not these types of examples.

These are moments where the athletes should have cried and had every right to……

Michael Jordan’s Championship

After all that Jordan had been through, retiring, un-retiring, the number change, and really having to prove he was still the same Jordan it all pretty much caught up to him that day.   I think all of us will remember him hogging the trophy but other than that you can’t blame the guy for getting emotional.

The Adam Morrison Moment

It’s kind of awesome when a player cries from the competitive desire in him/her.   When Gonzaga took that heart wrenching defeat Morrison took the floor and the entire nation watched.  It would have been a much much better story had Morrison been a half decent NBA player.   Where’s the competitive fire now buddy?  Come on!

Kevin Garnett is Pissed

In recent years I’ve grown a little tired of Kevin Garnett.   Honestly it’s because I think he’s a “little much.”   But there’s no denying this dude wants to win.  So badly that this interview was pretty famous.   I mean the guy’s a hall of famer, doesn’t have much more to prove but he’s still out there like it’s the NCAA Championship every single night (even though he skipped college)

Tiger Wins 11th Major

Similar to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods wins one of Golf’s most difficult tournaments and gets emotional as it was his first major without his father being around.   I hope Tiger gets back into form and wins a few more.

Favre’s Retirement Speech

Honestly this is just more comedy than anything else.   If you’ll notice it’s his retirement speech from Green Bay.  Hahahaha.   Screw you Favre.  Seriously buddy, that should have been your crowning moment but everything after was completely unnecessary.

Mike Schmidt Retires

One of true greats of baseball.  It’s tough to keep your composure while watching this.   This guy truly loved the game.  P.S. he didn’t do steroids.

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8 responses so far

  • Rick

    Just wanted to also add that Jordon won that title after his father had died on Father’s Day. Truly amazing moment.

  • hockey

    Gretzky trade announcement?

  • http://stevenhollis.com Hollis

    I’m not a hockey fan, but the Gretzky trade announcement should be number 2 here behind Jordan.

  • Sanguin

    England’s Paul Gascoigne in the 1990 World Cup Semi-Final against West Germany!

  • mjfan

    Just want to clarify that the video above of MJ crying is after he won his first title. You can look at the championship hat he’s wearing to confirm this – it says ’1991′ on it, which is the year he won his first ring.

    He did cry again in 1996 when he won his 4th ring. THAT was the year referenced in this article, when he came back from retirement, proved he was still the greatest, and had won a ring after his father was murdered. Coincidentally, the day he won the series was on Father’s day.

  • Eric

    Your Jordan clip is from 1991 after championship #1. You can tell from his hat. And from his non-dead father hugging him.

  • Jay

    What the Hell is wrong with this site? Are you hockey retarded? Gretzky’s trade is world famous for this EXACT TOPIC.

    This isn’t the first time you screw up (famous siblings in sports being another). I get that you dislike hockey or don’t find it important wherever you happen to be, but that’s no excuse for being utterly ignorant. This blog blows. You should all be thrown out of an airplane.

  • george

    adam morrison does not deserve to be on this list. it made him look weak and like a baby…and he never recovered from the scrutiny he received for it. on top of that it was a sweet 16 game, not an elite 8, final 4, or championship. it also didn’t have to be his last game either, but it ended being so. emotional, sure, but this was a frustration cry, not a cry of passion. and the ucla players helped him up, not his own teammates.

    but the fact that gretsky was left off this list invalidates it anyway…



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