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May 04 2011

A Small List for Coming Up with a Good List Article

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As someone who writes for a living it’s a constant struggle to come up with interesting topics.   I mean how the hell do you find stuff that can resonate to a large audience and become something that tons of people read?

One way is to write an enticing list, rankings, or “reasons why” type of a piece.   But how do you go about it?  I’ve come up with a small list of my own that can help you write your lists.

Listverse actually has their own top ten list on this if you care to check it out.  In the meantime, mine is after the jump….

How to find the topic

This is a really tough one as there are 100s of ways to find a topic but here are a few that are useful.   Look for other lists and either change them up or expand on them.  For example if a site did a top 20 list you might want to do your favorite seven of that twenty and add your own commentary while sourcing their article.   Check out the latest news in Google and see if you can come up with a list based on a topic.  Remember the Charlie Sheen insanity?  Think about how many lists you could have made out of that stuff.   I guess the best advice is “think list.”   Everything you come across try and find a way to either rank it or put a “reasons why” behind it.   You just have to think that way more.

Accompanying pictures and/or videos

Every list can be spruced up a bit better if there are accompanying pictures or videos to either support your points or to just make the article look more visually appealing to people.   Plus it’s a nice way to break everything up for people so the article is easier to follow.

Look for duplicates and either source or alter your stuff

If someone else wrote the same list out there don’t be too pissed off.  Chances are you had the same idea at the same time.  It happens.  It just means you should use tact and either link to them or if they are separated by one day it happens.   Nothing you can do.   If it’s a big concern then change your content around dramatically.   However, people do think alike at times, it happens.

Prepare for scrutiny

Every list has people complaining  about your list.   Best advice?  Ignore it and keep writing what you enjoy.



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