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May 01 2011

And Here’s Why You Don’t Mess with Snakes

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Seriously man, who the hell in their right mind puts their hand in a box with a friggin’ python anyway?  I mean really lady?  I don’t care what kind of experts are around.   It’s an animal.

Kind of like tiger trainers who are surprised when one day the tiger decides to act like a tiger.  Or bears.  Or any animal that you really shouldn’t be messing with.   Come on people.

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  • Passin’Thru

    Wow, that’s a lot more emotionally intense than when Shelby got bit by a copperhead on Ax Men, last week. Hell, he just laughed it off & kept working; said he’s been bit more than 700 times & so, has built up an immunity to the U.S.’s most venomous snake.

  • http://www.36barstools.com 36barstools

    Yikes! Remind me not to work with snakes.



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