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Apr 29 2011

Five Ways to Avoid Masturbation When You’re Home Alone

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One of the benefits of working from home is the flexibility to take breaks whenever I want.   Don’t get me wrong.  Working from home and being in business for yourself is no picnic.  However,  at least I don’t have boss who is up my ass watching me to make sure I’m always there.

So it’s great when it’s 9am and I feel like rubbing one out.   It’s nice to be able to masturbate whenever you want and at the same time a total curse.   You just don’t want to get into that habit at home all the time.

Sure it’s nice once in a while but in time it becomes difficult to resist the urge.   Here are five ways to avoid diddling with yourself when you kind of know you shouldn’t be…..

Take many many breaks

Most of you who work from home will be at a computer the majority of the time.   Given that there are probably a gazillion porn sites out there or every single time you search ANY image something nude will appear, it’s important to get the hell away from your computer.   If you do that, when you come back you can usually concentrate for a while.  Do this periodically and you’ll be fine.

Get Out of the House at Least Once

The brain has to get away from being at home, being on the computer and being tempted to seek out porn or self stimulation.   Getting out of the house or apartment is a way to free your mind.   Get out!  Get out now!

Do Something that Makes you Tired

One of the best ways to not masturbate is to make yourself too tired to even perform the act.   Run for like an hour at a high speed and destroy yourself.   Or go to the gym and lift weights.  I think you get the picture.   Kick your own ass and you won’t be thinking about it.

Eat a ton of food

Along the same lines of exercise, here’s something you can do that is the opposite.  Eat so much food that you become nauseous.   In turn you will not feel like doing anything let alone playing with yourself.


Hey I’m not saying I practice this stuff but it can work.

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