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Apr 28 2011

Six Temper Tantrums for the Ages

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The wife and I have been talking kids more and more lately.  It’s not that we can’t be good parents, it just that right now we’re not sure we even want to be parents.   I’ve got nieces and a nephew.   It’s nice to be able to hand them back to the parents you know?

Forgive me but kids are a royal pain and cause too much stress.  And if that isn’t enough, they can go absolutely ballistic without any kind of warning.   It’s really not fair.

These tantrums will make you second guess wanting to be a parent….

Thanks to Holytaco for these finds

What a Fun Vacation

Nothing like a little piss ant kid screaming while you’re trying to relax by the pool.   Man these kids are so ungrateful these days.  What a pain in the ass.

You Can’t Change Your Clothes

Seriously kid?  A.  You have a horrible haircut and B.  You look like a banker.   Change your friggin’ clothes now.

Now That’s Just Loud

Imagine listening to that sound for an hour which is what I’m sure these parents had to deal with.

No Brushing my Teeth!

Fine.  Rot.   Just let your teeth rot.  See if I care you little maggot.

I Don’t Want a Haircut

Well at least this kid is British and his accent is extremely cute.

When McDonald’s is Denied

I kind of like the dad in this video.  He’s definitely a tough guy.

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