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Apr 27 2011

Every Fifth German has a Drinking Problem

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As it turns out, drinking in Germany isn’t all busty babes and fun. The beer drenched country has seen a huge spike in alcoholism, to the point where one in five Germans have a drinking problem.

Germans are smoking less but still drinking too much, according to the German Centre for Addiction Issues. Launching the centre’s Annual Addiction Report 2011 in Berlin on Tuesday, director Raphael Gaßmann, estimated one in five people aged 18 to 64 had a drinking problem.

“Alcohol consumption remains conspicuously too high, too risky, with too many consequences,” he said.

The report, a compilation of figures from 2009, showed that although the average amount of booze consumed, measured in pure alcohol, did fall slightly compared with 2008, it was too negligible to have any health benefit, Gaßmann said.

At least they’re smoking less, right?

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  • Der volle Wahnsinn

    meh, i call bullshit on that. i’m sure theres someone in every country who believes that there is a major alcohol problem. btw in germany a saying goes : don’t believe a statistic which you haven’t faked yourself.
    Habe die Ehre.

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