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Apr 26 2011

5 Types of Facebook Pictures People Actually Pay Attention To

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For the most part when you log into Facebook you’re not really paying attention to your wall that much.  Or are you?  I mean I guess if you have like 10 friends on there (which practically no one does) then it’s something worthwhile to keep track of.   But if you’re a normal user with a decent amount of friends, most of your wall is a bunch of fluff.

In fact, many of the things we find of Facebook are things we are looking for.   So when it comes to grabbing attention, especially with pictures, there are pretty much five types of photos people actually pay attention to.

And here they are…..

Your Friends Baby Pictures

No one really cares about seeing normal babies.  However, when one of your friends has a child it’s always nice to see what they look like.  9 times out of 10 they will post pictures to their Facebook pages and you’ll get to see the newborn and either make fun of it because it’s ugly or say that it’s sooooo cutes.

Pictures Where you Look Like a Moron

An embarrassing picture of someone you know is always a blessing when it comes.  Just the other day I saw a picture of an old buddy staring at some girls cans.   It was awesome.   I then sent that to about 10 people on email and boom, I had entertainment for about 10 minutes.   Good times.

Sexy Girl Pictures

I don’t really need much of an explanation here.   Anything cleavagey or sexy involving a person you know or once knew (or really just about anyone) are a sure fire way to entertain on Facebook.

Cute Animals

Do you realize how big the market is for cute puppy pictures?  It’s disturbing.

Old Friends in the Present

I love the “man, that’s what they look like now?” pictures.   Classic.



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