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Apr 25 2011

It’s Worth Doing a Make Fun of “The Situation” Post

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You know something?  Even I’m kind of regretting doing this post but if there’s one vice I have in life it’s The Jersey Shore.  I can’t help it.   It’s so unbelievably dumb that it’s entertaining.  And while season 3 kind of blew it in the last few episodes you know that something funny is going to go down in Italy.

So even though Mike Sorrentino is a 100% douchebag, who cares?  Some of the crap he’s done has been pretty entertaining and I’m willing to bet that off the camera he’s pretty harmless…or not.

Anyway,   here are five pretty awesome moments of The Situation outside of the Shore….

Failed Trump Roast

This was beyond horrible.   But I must say Jeffrey Ross made up for it.

The Real Situation

When this came out I laughed my ass off.

This is Actually Amazing

Anyone who likes David Wright has to love this.

The Situation Gets Dunked

I’m pretty sure that any time Sorrentino gets embarrassed it’s a good moment for America.

Barkley Talks About The Situation

Eh, I just love Barkley.




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