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Apr 21 2011

Six Impressive Sibling Pairings in the Same Sport

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I’m not sure what the odd are for an individual to make it into a professional sport.  I’ve read numbers like 1 in 100,000 and 1 in 250,000 and that’s for current high school athletes making it to the NFL and NBA.   Can you imagine the odds of siblings making it?   It’s gotta be in the millions.

And not only that, what do you think the odds are that said siblings will have successful careers in their sports?  That’s why these six pairings of siblings are so special…..

Venus and Serena Williams

I mean having double figure grand slam titles is legacy enough don’t you think?  But that these two girls have been around tennis and have dominated for over a decade is pretty damned impressive.   Not to mention they are an excellent doubles team as well.   Personally I think Serena is better when she’s at her best.

Peyton and Eli Manning (and Cooper)

Winning a Superbowl is unheard of in its own right.   Having two brothers each win a Superbowl at the highest level football can possibly be?   Well that’s just out of this world.   And apparently Cooper Manning was the best athlete of the three.   Archie’s gotta be pretty damned proud.

Thomas and Julius Jones

Check this out because I had no idea it even happened.   Did you know that both of these guys rushed for over 1000 yards in the same season?  P.S. they are twins.   Another P.S.?  They are both extremely handsome.   And no I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Wakanohana and Takanohana

You wouldn’t think to put Sumo Wrestlers in a list like this but how can you not add these guys?  Both are grand champions in their sport and fought under the legacy of their dad Futagoyama.

Tiki and Ronde Barber

Another batch of twins, Tiki and Ronde have been together on the field nearly all their lives.   And now that Tiki is coming back, they should be joined once again.

Pau and Marc Gasol

Marc used to be the lesser known of the two but he’s slowly establishing himself as a solid big man in the NBA.  Pau is just way better at this point but to have to 7 footer brothers both playing at such a high level in the NBA?   Not sure that’ll come around too often.   The Collins brothers sucked.

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  • Richard


  • James

    What about Daniel and Henrik Sedin, both with the Vancouver Canucks? They are the first brothers to lead the league in scoring in consecutive seasons. Henrik was a top NHL scorer in 2010 29th 112 points, Daniel finished on top with 104 points in 2011.

  • Nut Gobbler

    The Sedin brothers.
    Identical twins on same offensive line for the Vancouver Canucks.
    How did they not make this list?

  • hockey

    um… where are the sedins? Vancouver Canucks twin sensations.

  • gmoney

    how are daniel and henrik sedin not included on this list? they are twins, they play on the same line and they are the two highest scoring player in the NHL, what a useless list.

  • http://www.stockmarketadvantage.com Bob G.

    John McEnroe had a brother who was a pro tennis player who is now a commentator. In 1995, Patrick McEnroe reached #28 in the world in singles and #3 in the world in doubles back in 1993. He reached the semi-finals in singles at the Australian Open in 1991. Not too shabby.

  • Stirling Dyer

    What? No Henrik and Daniel Sedin? Same sport, same team.

  • alex

    Henrik and Daniel Sedin?

  • Kal

    I know everyone is talking about the Sedins, but what about the Staals? 3 Successful brothers in the NHL, 2 Stanley Cup rings and a 4th brother likely on the way. And what about the Sutter brothers? SIX brothers made the NHL! SIX stanley cups between them! And the second generation is starting to break into the league. Whoever wrote this article is a hack.

  • Jay

    Are you kidding me? The Sedins aren’t mentioned?

    What about the Staals? Three brothers in the NHL.

    This site is obviously American-owned and completely ignorant of the NHL.

    Sumo over the NHL? Really? What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Daniel

    If this weren’t an american website you would’ve included the DeBoer brothers (Frank and Ronald) in football (the real football where you use your feet not your hands) who played for both club and country together many years in Holland!

  • Ben

    Agreed with everyone saying the Sedin twins. This isn’t “Awesome Siblings In the Same Sport” without those two, and obviously you’re uncoached in hockey if you didn’t even consider making it a 7 pairs list with the Sedin twins. Idiot.

  • Clayton

    Everybody has been mentioning the Sedin brothers, but what about the Stahl’s? Jordan, Marc, and Eric in the NHL, and Jared in the AHL (and signed by the Canes -Eric’s team- with an entry level contract). Four brothers that all play professional hockey and two of which have Stanley Cups. Jordan and Eric both also played on the 2007 Canadian IIHF World Championship team that won gold. Both the Sedin’s (with their medals and their playing style with one another and their medals) and the Stahl’s (with medals and Cups) are amazing families that should have been considered for this list.

  • Matt

    Dont forget about the Staal brothers too. You have Eric, Jordan, Marc, and the up-and-coming Jared…..

  • http://jay-reid.blogspot.com Jay Reid

    George and Kevin-Prince Boateng. Both play international soccer for Ghana and Germany (They are dual nationality)

  • ddd


  • Bob Lablaw

    The Schleck brothers are both top-tiered cyclists.

  • John

    Not a hockey fan but sedins need to be here.

  • dav

    What about the klitschko boxing brothers

  • Sean

    WOW!!!! you add some sumos no one ever heard of and you miss the Sedin twins…. you could have even threw in the stall brothers……..

  • Luke

    How about the Tuilagi’s?

    4 of them have played World Cup rugby for their home nation, most of them play in the top European leagues and have won trophies with their teams, and there are 6 of them.


  • CHUD

    klitschko brothers (Boxing) Shamrock/Diaz brothers even (MMA) – GUH, who wrot this? They only read Tennis and NFL?!?!?

  • Anon

    I can’t be sure, but has anybody mentioned the Sedin twins? >_>

  • NHLhomer

    Dude, what about the Gretzky’s? Stanley Cups, goal-scoring records, tons of amazing games between them.

    Of course Wayne did most of the work, but Brent Gretzky added four of his own points to it! (Career total).

    Also they are the highest scoring brother-duo in the history of the NHL!


  • http://aradilon.wordpress.com aradilon

    What about Andy and Frank Schleck?

  • DonoJD

    Im Australian and some examples out here have been.

    Trevor, Greg and Ian Chappell all played for the Australian cricket team and Ian and Greg captained.

    Anthony and Saia Faingaa have played for the Wallabies at the same time ( Australian rugby union team) and younger brother Colby is playing in the super rugby competition.

    But I think the best of all is The Ma afu brothers. one of which has played for australia in rugby union. He played against his brother who was playing for Fiji and their third borther has played 7s rugby for Tonga.



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