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Apr 21 2011

Arizona Gets Its Own State Gun

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Apparently having a state bird just isn’t badass enough for Arizona, and they’re now the second state in the union to have adopted the practice of having a state gun. I’ll bet you a million dollars the first state is Texas.

Appropriate to our times, Arizona is on the brink of becoming the second state to have its own official state gun. Theirs? The Colt Revolver. Which sounds kind of right for the history of the state, at least the Hollywood version, with the tumbleweed towns with plenty of bad guys and one lawman to stand them all down.

So here’s my question: what do you figure your state’s official state gun would be? What does Delaware get? And whose state culture gets you just the old style sawed off shotgun? Tommy Gun?

What would my state’s be? Well in Michigan I’d probably say the TEC-9, the submachine gun that was banned because it was soled with the promise that it’s grip wouldn’t leave fingerprints on it.

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  • http://Uncoachable Jason

    Actually the first state to have a state gun is not Texas, it is Utah. I will be expecting that million dollars you put up to arive in my account within the week.



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