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Apr 18 2011

Five Tips of Advice for Moving into a New Home

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I’m seeing an awful lot of “for sale” signs lately.   And while it’s depressing to think that so many folks are selling their homes, it’s encouraging to know that there are at least some that are ready to start new lives in their new homes.

So if you’re one of these people out there who is ready to buy a house, I think there are some things you might want to hear before making that big move.

Here are five tips of advice for moving into a new home…..

Own the House as Far in Advance as You can Before Moving

This is a general statement but I think one that leads to doing everything much more smoothly and with less pressure.   The nice thing about closing dates on a house is that when you close, you wind up paying your first month’s mortgage on that day so you’re already good to go for an entire month.   My wife and I were actually 2 months ahead of schedule when we closed.   It was nice to own the house for a good 45 days before we moved in.  It enabled us to take thing slowly and get everything done…which is all below.

Hire Movers

One of the biggest mistakes of my life was moving all or most of my stuff in piece by piece.   When my wife and I decided to move we wound up leasing our car and keeping it in the city for about 2 months prior to the move.  So every weekend I would lug a little more stuff.   Turns out on the last day, we still had enough stuff to fill an entire U-Haul truck and what we thought would be 2-3 hrs to pack took 10 hours, not to mention my poor dad was stuck with us all day.   Next time I move (and hopefully that won’t be for a while) I’d much rather hire movers.

Be Cable/Electronics/Utilities Ready Prior to Moving In

If there’s one thing I remember being 100% worth it prior to moving in, it was scheduling all my cable installations and making sure the utilities were on prior to the move.   This goes back to the whole owning the house way in advance.  It gives you time to do all this stuff.   I had a laptop in there 2 weeks before moving day to know that all I had to do was hook up my computer and be good to go.  It’s nice to know your house is fully functional prior to living there.

If You Don’t Think You Should, Don’t

People get tons of crazy ideas about what to put in the house and when.   The nice thing about an empty house is that it’s just that:  empty.  Think of it as an empty pallet where you have the rest of your life to fill it in.  There’s no pressure except for worrying about those payments.   Take your time with the furnishing.   Don’t do anything rash like picking out your entire living room set and artwork all in one day.   If there’s any part of you that hesitates then listen to it.


Have I mentioned this?  Pretty sure I have.   Just take one thing at a time.  I can’t stress that enough.   There’s already enough stress taking on a mortgage and moving to a new environment.  Don’t stack on any more by trying to get too much done too fast.



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