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Apr 15 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Tampa Model Robyn Marie Wilson

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I have to say I have something against the photographers of Robyn Marie Wilson.  In over half the pictures I’ve seen of Robyn they were highly photoshopped.  Now either something is wrong with Robyn’s face is messed up and they were trying to cover it or their just being annoying.

I think I’ve seen enough natural looking pictures of Robyn to know that she’s quite pretty and has a great body.  I for one wish there were more normal pics out there.  Robyn, you’re tops in my book.

The realest Robyn shots after the jump…..

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  • Micheal croft.

    I do not agree with the comments one poster left about Robyn. I have yet to see one bad picture of Robyn. I am a huge fan and have been to several of her poster signing over the years. She is every bit as hot as her pictures in person and Jealous bitches should stop hateing. I know it’s hard to believe somebody can be as unreal as her but BELIEVE IT, I have witnessed it with my own eyes!

  • Jared Burgess

    I agree. I find it highly unprofessional to make comments as the ones listed on this page.

    The amazing thing about Robyn is that she combines a natural beauty with the ability to have an undeniable sex appeal.

    She is as gorgeous from the moment she wakes up till the moment she falls asleep, with every minute in between being unbelievable beautiful.

    Keep your harsh comments to yourself and find something better to do with your time than try to bring down others that are obviously much more beautiful on the inside and outside than you are yourself!!!

  • Leslie Baker

    Wow! I just looked at Robyn’s MM port and she does not have one bad photo what so ever. I as a model, not only look up to her but envy her colorful different looks! Also, Robyn has mad good ref on her port for the world to see, obviously photographers love her, one from teaseum even says “every photo is marketable”, another says “anybody who shoots with her will be amazed”. There is several comments like this coming from photoprahers who are at the top of the modeling industry. Including, Playboy, Teaseum, Axe Body Spray, and even Lucas oil. I would think if Robyn is landing big name bookings like this then her pictures not only have nothing wrong with them but are remarkably good! “Natty”, I am sure you are a girl. I know jealously can get the best of us when we see a model like robyn or whoever that was blessed and wins the gen pool, but posting ugly comments to try and bring others down not only makes you look jealous but it also makes you seem like a ugly girl hideing behind a computer with way to much time on your hands. I would incourge anybody who reads the above post to please have a look for yourself at Robyn Wilson’s model mayhem page. Anybody who does will agree, robyn is all real, her reff are amazing, her resume’ is amazing and although “natty” is bord out of her mind, she should leave big words to the professionals who obvisouly back robyn wilson 100%



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