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Apr 15 2011

The Dumbest Wanna Be Funny Taxes Videos

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Look, it’s nearly impossible to connect the words funny and taxes.   They simply do not go together.  I mean unless you have some pretty girl naked but covered up in money saying “do your taxes” then I’m really not interested.

That being said you have to respect TurboTax for going out and having Vanilla Ice do a rap about taxes.  Yes, this actually happened and clearly one of those videos is featured below.

While it’s not possible to be funny about taxes, these videos give it a try….and fail.

The Tax Rap

This might be one of the worst raps of all time.  Did I say I wanted to make light of tax season?  I think this might actually make me more angry.  If I had a gun right now I’d kill myself.

The Tax Drill Sargeant

This dude actually does a pretty good impression of the real dude from Full Metal Jacket.    Jesus Christ Turbo Tax, what in the hell is your problem?

Another Tax Rap

OK for the record I’m Jewish.  This is the most Jewish video I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

TurboTax Master

This isn’t horrible.  Actually, yeah it’s brutal.   I mean while the rapping is brutal this guy actually isn’t that bad, I take it back.

Vanilla Ice Talks About Taxes

Wow this is unbelievable.   How did this not go viral?  607K views?  That’s not nearly enough.




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