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Apr 14 2011

People Who think They Save Money But Are Idiots

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Many men and women don’t understand a thing when it comes to money.   However this is more of a gripe against women like my wife when it comes to being a consumer.  I think her and many other people’s concept of money is absolutely twisted.  They think they’re saving but they’re not.

For whatever reason, my wife has this crazy mentality where it’s as if the money doesn’t matter.  Rather it’s the principal that makes her an incessant shopper.   It’s extremely hard to explain and even harder to make her (and many other people) understand how screwed up it is.

But I shall try with these five characteristics of people who think they are saving but are idiots…..

When there’s a Sale You Have to Shop

Anyone familiar with this?  “Oh my God!  All I have to do is spend 200 dollars and I get 50% off!”   By the way these are the same women who freak out when their 20 cent coupons don’t work.  Don’t ask.  Seriously.  Don’t ask.  Um, did you know that spending 200 dollars is….spending 200 dollars!!!!!  Whether there’s a sale or not you’re spending money not saving!   Ugh.   Plus you probably already have 55 sweaters in your closet anyway.   Give it a rest.

Saving Pennies on Everything and Holding up the Line

Why my wife makes a giant deal out of spending 50 cents on pasta in one store and 30 cents on pasta in another is beyond me.  Not only that.  There will be times she’ll argue with the register person for at least 5 minutes to resolve a sale issue.   I don’t mind trying to save money but when I save $30,000 a year on our house or expensive stuff do I ever hear thanks?  Nope.   I think it’s a waste of time to argue over pennies when your time can better be utilized making bigger and more important savings.   Use that time to use your brain, not haggle over pennies.

Spending Hours Upon Hours Printing Coupons

I like coupons.  I have no problem using coupons.  But the obsessive nature of coupon searching is detrimental to using coupons.   It’s one thing to look at the coupon book at the store.  It’s another to spend hours finding coupons you don’t need.  Not to mention the more time you spend searching coupons the more time you have to find shit you really shouldn’t be buying.   Like I said, coupons are fine but obsessive coupon hunting is detrimental.  How about taking the time to learn about tax loopholes or investments?  Anything!

Low Prices Mean Nothing without Quality

My wife like many people doesn’t get the concept of quality.   If it’s a product that will last me a lifetime, you’re damned right I’m gonna spend more on it!  Who cares if I can get a TV for 100 bucks if it breaks after a year.   How about beds?  You spend 1/3 of your life on one!  You’re telling me you’re gonna skimp?  Why?  Certain products you need quality and that quality will save you thousands in the long run.   Price doesn’t mean jack shit unless the quality is good.

Outlet Stores are Not Better

Do your research.  Did you know that most outlet stores have bottom of the barrel crap?  You think you’re getting the quality name brand goods but most time it’s stuff you would never wear or stuff that couldn’t be sold.  Be very careful when shopping the outlets because most times they aren’t what they’re cracked up to be.



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