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Apr 13 2011

5 Comedy Movies Where I Laughed Out Loud the Most

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I think that people throw around the “LOL” tag a little too much.  I mean are you really laughing out loud when you write this or are you just smirking?  In order for a person (at least me) to laugh out loud it takes a hell of a lot to make it happen.

And movies are no exception.  You could be watching the funniest movie in the world at home alone and you won’t laugh out loud once.   Which is why the movie that does get a huge sounding laugh is a special one.

These are five movies that literally got me off my chair in the theaters….

There’s Something About Mary

Talk about a movie with one of the biggest shock factors.   From the frank and beans scene to Mary’s gel in her hair, this movie had shock value all the way through.  I mean just the visual stuff had me cracking up left and right.   Then there’s the one liners that got everyone up in a tizzy.  “He was masturbating!”   Seriously, the amount of comedy in this movie is unheralded.

American Pie

Of all the movies on this list I’m pretty sure this is the one that hurt my stomach the most.   When you talk about seeing a movie for the first time, American Pie is way up there on everyone’s list as having the highest laugh out loud ratio.   I seriously can’t remember a moment I wasn’t at least smiling during this film.  Right off the bat we had it going with the masturbating to fuzzy porn.   What an amazing movie.

Dumb and Dumber

This was the Farrelly’s first hit (and clearly not their last).  Who better to star in this movie than the up and coming Jim Carrey?  Surprisingly Jeff Daniels really held his own in this movie too.  I mean the snowball fight?   How about when he had to take a dump?  The cane fighting at the charity event?  Hell I laughed out loud when Carrey was wearing a big cowboy hat talking to the little old lady on a motorized cart.   Too many laughs to list here.

Old School

Old School was one of the first comedies in a new wave of comedy.  A comedy that brought as back to the 80s.  We have guys like Judd Apatow and Todd Phillips to thank for these movies.  I’m pretty sure every single time Will Ferrell yelled in this movie, I laughed out loud.   “Snoop a loop!”  how about Andy Dick’s short appearance?  Awesome.

Billy Madison

You didn’t think I’d miss an Adam Sandler movie here did you?  What better a classic than Billy Madison?  I laughed more for the sheer weirdness of this movie than anything else.  I think with the old school Sandler movies you either got it or you didn’t.  I’m still not sure which I am but I do know that I loved Billy Madison.

*Please send in your favorites as well.  Remember these are my choices, not necessarily the right ones but memories of mine nonetheless.


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22 responses so far

  • FrenchyC

    Without doubt : Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay

  • Rukus

    Blazing Saddles (anything by Mel Brooks really)
    Naked Gun (all of them)

  • Brent

    Natty is *obviously* very young. If he doesn’t mention “Dr Strangelove”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Caddyshack”, “Blues Brothers” or “Holy Grail”, he’s obviously an inbred idiot.

  • Mr. Wilson

    I think it’s funny you attack Natty as an inbred idiot for the movies he chose to mention and the fact that he doesn’t express his agreement with you. Hopefully you are kidding, but being a dumbass with a dad/uncle I am kinda slow with sarcasm.

  • tugger

    not so sure about inbred, hard to tell, but definitely insular.
    American pie was just crap. Something about mary was a whole movie based around one semi-funny scene.
    I was expecting to see “Life of Brian”, ice age 1 maybe, airplane, kevin & perry, duck soup… there’s a big choice out there.

    Natty needs to get out a bit more.. out of the USA, that is..

  • CaesarInvictus

    You *obviously* didn’t read the fine print:
    “*Please send in your favorites as well. Remember these are my choices, not necessarily the right ones but memories of mine nonetheless.”
    The ones you stated are your memories, not his, so get over it. If he’s the inbred idiot, you’re his pedophile father who raped his 12 year old mother producing a blameless child.

  • hahah

    Animal House
    Naked Gun
    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  • yukino

    Well brent I agree they must be young to miss those movies, but that doesn’t mean they are an idiot, just means they have alot of catching up to do… start with young frankenstein lol

  • http://learnubot.com John

    Me, Myseld and Irene!

  • Remma

    Grandmas Boy

  • Gabe

    Team America… The first time I watched it, my God…
    other notables:
    grandma’s boy (dance dance revolution!)
    waiting for guffman
    nacho libre (especially in an ‘elevated state’, hee hee)

  • Brad

    Great choices.

    I would include all of those with Jackass. That movie had the whole theater hurting.

  • http://mustachepintglass.com Mustache Pint Glass

    I have seen all these movies and i have to agree. I would say that Dumb and Dumber is the best movie on the list.

  • Mark

    Can’t believe The Hangover & Wedding Crashers aren’t on the list.

  • Goobo

    I think I’d swap Billy Madison with The Hangover, and then I’d fully agree with this list.

  • Jonathan

    The scene at the end of Very Bad Things where Cameron Diaz goes crazy is one of the funniest laugh-out-loud scenes in any movie I’ve ever seen.

  • Bill O’Reilly

    You have terrible taste.

  • lolo

    the best comedy movie of all time : hangover

  • David O’Thomas

    Too many others that fit –

    Sex Drive
    Get Him to the Greek
    Hot Tub Time Machine
    Hot Rod
    Hang Over
    Super Troopers
    Trailer Park Boys
    most of the C&C flicks

  • Rack

    Hot Rod


    40 Year Old Virgin

  • Rojito 305

    nice! they dont make comedies like these anymore.. the naked guns, airplanes, hot shots, etc.. classics

  • http://myspace ???

    umm we’ll in scary movie 4 there is this part when cindy is washing the immovable old woman and cindy asks her a question “miss (older woman’s name) have you noticed something strange about this house, and when the older woman answers no to cindy, cindy said yes? no yes? and then cindy goes on to washing her, and then she accidentally washes her with pee and the old woman looks funny because she gets all nauseous. Im the same way, the hangover I did not think was funny at all. This link from youtube called The naughty show comedy is funny though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mZs8W5hmo8&feature=channel_video_title or you can look it up on youtube, i think that was really funny… The exorcist and the drill sergeant..



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