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Apr 12 2011

The 10 Most Memorable Toys of the 80s

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Maybe it’s because I’m so jaded here the 21th century that I just assume I had a better time in the 80s but wasn’t it a better time?  I mean did all the young adults wear blazers and do coke like in the movies?  Was there tons of nudity regardless of it being on comedy films?  How should I know?

I was just a kid.  But what I do remember is that it was a great time to play as a child.   Mainly because the toys were super duper awesome.

Speaking of which, here are 10 memorable toys that defined the 80s….

Cabbage Patch Kids

Remember these bad boys?  What amazes me is that they were definitely unisex.  I mean hell I got a few for presents as a child.  What’s funny is that I was 90% sure that the hair grew back so my first day as an owner I gave my little guy a haircut.  Bad idea.

Care Bears

Anyone who claims they didn’t either own a Care Bear or see the Care Bears movie is a liar.

Masters of the Universe

Looking back I think it’s pretty evident that this cartoon may have been the biggest cover up of homosexuality ever perpetrated on young children.  Still though, back then it was awesome.   I have the power!

Micro Machines

The speedy micro machines guy.  Enough said.

My Little Pony

What little girl doesn’t dream of having her own horse?  The 80s sought to fulfill little girls’ wishes with My Little Pony, a line of colored plastic horses with brushable manes and tails. Each had its own name and corresponding “cutie mark” or symbol on their hips.

Pogo Balls

How awesome were Pogo Balls?  Seriously.  You stand on the platform squeezing the upper ball with your feet and then jump and bounce around to your hearts content or until you pass out from exhaustion.  Question.  What was your record?

Pound Puppies

I may be a male but how cute were Pound Puppies?  They were so popular in the 80s that they actually had their own TV show.  Did you know that they exist now?  Yup.

Roller Racers

What was awesome about Roller Racers is that they (like Pogo Balls) promote physical fitness.   The best thing about these little contraptions is when you and your friends would both have them so you could race.

Teddy Ruxpin

“Can you and I be friends?”  What may seem an extremely perverted line in this day and age was actually quite popular back then.

Strawberry Shortcake

Each Strawberry Shortcake characters had their own fruity dessert-themed name with clothing to match, and they each had a dessert or fruit named pet.


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  • Willis

    Dude you left out the biggest one…Transformers. GI Joe should have been there too.

  • Alison

    Where is barbie and polly pocket? Or lincoln logs?
    Cabage patches suck dick it shouldnt even be on the list!

  • ajpn

    if you’re going to post toys of the 80s post the originals not the current reissues. The masters of the universe toys were way different in the 80s.



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