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Apr 08 2011

Five Steps To Having a Legit Online Dating Experience

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So you’ve decided that going to bars kind of sucks.   It’s not that you’re having so many one night stands that you are tired of getting laid all the time.  It’s that you kind of want something more.  So you end up joining Match or whatever site you choose and try to meet that special someone.

Little did you know this is an entire world unto itself.  Personally I like online dating as that’s how I met my wife.  It’s easier, cuts out all the bullshit and you can definitely get laid if you want to.  Yay!

But if you are serious about being successful in online dating then I would suggest you follow these five rules….

Use an Accurate “Less Good” Picture of Yourself

I can’t tell you how many faux pictures there are out there of girls online.  It’s like they want you to think they’re hot in the picture and then you meet them, see that they’re not and you’re not supposed to care?  Wrong.   What I would recommend is that you get a picture of yourself that is slightly LESS good looking than you are in real life.  That way if they’re attracted to that picture you’re golden on a first date.   Undersell and over deliver.    Don’t do it the other way around.

Become a Picture Wizard

Learn the ropes in identifying pictures of the opposite sex.  A couple of key points.   If a girl only posts pictures of her face?  She doesn’t have a good body.  Same with guys.   Look for way too much airbrushing or makeup.    You want pictures with barely any make up because then you’ll have a clearer picture.  You must master picture identification.

Learn to be funny on IM

This is your intro folks.  Most likely you’ll be chatting it up with someone.   Using IM conversations is a great way for you to have time to think of what to write.  Don’t screw it up.

Be Simple, and Don’t Scare them off

Remember, you haven’t met these people yet.  I’ve had girls tell me they want to get married, have kids, etc etc.   I guess there’s merit in telling the truth right off the bat but wait a couple of dates for that stuff.  It’s really not necessary at the beginning.   Don’t get too deep too fast unless you really click on that first date.

For God’s Sake Don’t Lie

Don’t say you’re 5’10 and wind up being 5’0 tall.   HOW in the world do people do this?




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