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Apr 07 2011

Four Tell Tale Signals from an IM Conversation

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It’s generally not best to try and tell what a person is thinking based on conversations you are having on Gchat, AIM, or whatever platform you use to have your instant messaging chats on.   After all you aren’t lo0king at the person’s face nor can you really tell what the person is thinking.

Yet we try and do it anyway.   However, I will say that after long analysis there are definitely some traits you can pick up on people.  While it’s not an exact science, here are five indicators of a persons mood on IM conversations….

Long drawn out pauses

Sometimes the person on the other end of the chat seems to take way too long to respond.  This can be one of many things however I’m going to slim it down to three.   The first is that the person really has no interest in what you are saying so take that as a “you suck” signal.  The second is that the person is truly truly busy.  However, I generally never buy that one.  If you’re so busy then don’t be online.  The third is that the person got up to do something and left you hanging.  Happens all the time.

A Constant One Word Response Session

I don’t know about you but whenever I give people constant one word responses it usually means I’d rather not be talking.  Either that or I’m not necessarily interested in what they have to say.   Finally it could be just a way to let them know I am kind of talking but not really.  It’s like when you do that on the phone.  You want the person to know you are listening even though you aren’t.

More Smiley Faces Than Normal

I feel like when I get tons of smiley faces the person at the other end of the chat is in a good mood.  I mean I never go out of my way to add a smiley face unless I’m kind of happy about something.  Take that as a good sign.

Quick Responses

It’s always nice to see the word “typing” immediately after you type your response to someone.  It means one of two things.  First I think it means you are a priority for that person at the time and they are making sure to diligently respond.  The second is that they have nothing better to do. But hey, at least they are paying attention right?


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