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Apr 06 2011

They Sure Know How to Make Kids Shows in Russia

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This is a video clip from a very real kids show in Russia that features a host that’s….well let’s just say this ain’t the Wiggles.

I understand that you can probably surround a bra-less bouncing female like this with a bunch of prepubescent girls that don’t give a shit, but start throwing eleven year old boys in the mix? You’re just asking for trouble. Check out the kid starting at 2:08.

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  • http://www.thatswhyyouremyex.com ThatsWhyYoureMyEx

    Well, aside from the no bra thing, you can also tell she likes to “party” since she has a tongue ring. Hot! Tits are a little saggy for my taste though. Come on breast implants must be cheap in Russia, step up your game bitch!



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