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Apr 01 2011

Six Roads That you Don’t Want to Travel On

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Ever drive down a highway and just feel scared as all hell for no apparent reason?  Sometimes you can’t explain these things.  You’re driving and you just don’t feel right.

Well perhaps there is an explanation.  Perhaps there’s more than meets the eye with these roads.   You just never know what you’re up against out there.

Speaking of which, here are six roads you might want to avoid….

Pali Highway – Honolulu, Hawaii

I’m not really sure what the deal is here.  It’s not that this road is so creepy but man people that believe in spirits and what not are extremely weary of this road.   Apparently if you travel with pork while on it you’re a dead man.   There’s also a rumor of some ghost girl with half a face.  Don’t ask.  I have no idea what’s going on there but I’d rather not mess with the local opinion.

Mary Angela Road – Memphis Tennessee

Mary Angela Road is a lonely, backwoods road that leads to the source of its legends: Voodoo Village.   This village is a small compound that is said to host many weird rituals and animal sacrifices.  Needless to say it’s an unsettling place to be and I can’t imagine the road to get there is any more fun.

Pacheco Pass – California

This is another “haunted” road which is said to inhabit a number of ghosts.  It’s also home to numerous accidents.   There’s also a rumor that when you’re on this road you go through some kind of a “time warp” as the sky illuminates and looks strange.   Personally I’d just rather not bother.

Balete Drive – Philipines

According to legend, Balete trees (which are numerous along the road) attract ghosts and other paranormal entities.  Amongst these?  Apparently a woman in a white dress with no face who hitch hiked a ride.   That an three lovely haunted mansion views.

El Camineo De La Muerte – Bolivia

Does it get more obvious than “Road of Death?”  Forget about ghosts and apparitions.   This road itself is freaky enough to drive on.

Shades of Death Road – New Jersey

If this list was solely based on names, Shades of Death would surely still be number one. Shades of Death can’t be too bad, it runs right by… Ghost Lake? Seriously?  Plus it’s New Jersey so….

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